Wheelchair Capes--Double Weight

$ 55.00

Life in a wheelchair comes with many challenges. With Wrapt capes, staying warm won’t be one of them! For the child or adult who spends time in a wheelchair, blankets and coats are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Our capes have been designed specifically for the wheelchair user. Our capes come in two weights: a single layer for spring, fall, and chilly indoor rooms; and a double weight for winter. In the harshest weather, single and double weight capes can be layered for greater warmth. Print capes are made of 100% easy care medium weight Winterfleece. Solid options are made of 100% easy care heavy weight Winterfleece. The user's arms easily move in and out at the rounded sides. The back of the cape is short in order to keep the neck and shoulders warm without being bulky. Our capes come with your choice of Velcro or snaps. Our plastic snaps are manufactured in accordance with CPSIA regulations regarding children's products. Our snaps and Velcro will not interfere with X-ray machines. Both snaps and Velcro offer flexibility in fitting for individual comfort.

  • To determine size, measure the wearer sitting in their wheelchair. Measure from the neck to the desired length (could be anywhere from knees to covering the feet, depending on personal choice). Be sure to curve the measuring tape along the contour of the lap, as that is how the wrap will drape when worn.
  • Small measures 28 inches
  • Medium measures 34 inches
  • Large measures 39 inches
  • Extra Large measures 46 inches