Car Seat, Stroller and Babywearing Capes

$ 40.00

Life with little ones is full of challenges; with Wrapt capes, keeping them safe and warm in their car seat, stroller or baby carrier isn't one of them! Safety experts advise against putting a child in a heavy winter coat when in a car seat. Wrapt capes make it easy for a parent to tighten car seat straps appropriately and place a cape over the straps, keeping their little ones safe and cozy. Our capes come in two weights: a single weight for spring and fall; and a double weight for winter. In the harshest weather, single and double weight capes can be layered for greater warmth. The capes work equally as well in a stroller. Babywearing parents have started using Wrapt capes as an easy way to keep their little ones warm in their carrier--no carrier adjustments necessary as when adding a heavy winter coat. As an added bonus, no mittens are needed to keep a child's hands toasty warm! Print capes are made of 100% easy care medium weight Winterfleece. Solid options are made of 100% easy care heavy weight Winterfleece. Car Seat Capes come in one size and will fit a range of sizes from an older infant in a carrier or stroller, to a toddler in a forward facing car seat, to a young elementary age student in a booster seat. The backs of the capes are short in order to keep the neck and shoulders warm without being bulky. When used for babywearing the cape is worn "backwards" so the long side covers baby and there is no awkward blanket or coat between parent and baby. It is easy for the child to pull his or her arms in and out of the cape at the rounded sides. Wrapt capes come with your choice of Velcro or snaps. Our plastic snaps are manufactured in accordance with CPSIA regulations regarding children's products. Snaps and Velcro will not interfere with X-ray machines. Snaps will likely require a parent (or a big brother or sister) to put the cape on a child, and make it less likely a little one would pull it off. Velcro is recommended for easy on and off, and preschoolers would likely be able to manage it themselves. Both snaps and Velcro offer flexibility in fitting for individual comfort. Make your life a little easier with Wrapt!