About Us

Wrapt creator Julia Kailing was tired of struggling with getting coats on and off of her wheelchair bound daughter, Adelaine. “We’d unbuckle her straps, get the coat on, buckle her back up, be outside for a few minutes, then head inside and have to go through the whole process again. Adelaine hated it. It was time consuming, and so bulky with her straps.” One day Julia saw another wheelchair-bound child who was wearing what looked like a blanket with a hood. Julia checked online and was dismayed to find a single layer fleece poncho was very costly. In addition, while Adelaine tolerated certain types of hats, attached hoods were often uncomfortable. Julia and her mother designed a wheelchair cape that would work well for Adelaine. They devised an easy on/off, attractive hoodless wrap, so a separate hat could be chosen to meet Adelaine's changing needs and sensitivities. They quickly realized that capes of different weights were needed for mild to severe temperatures. On the bitterest winter days, Julia will bundle Adelaine up with both a single weight and double weight wrap. Adelaine has used these capes for years, choosing new patterns as she matured. With daily use, each cape has lasted 5+ years.

After years of being asked by friends and strangers alike about a source for the capes, Julia realized the time was right to make them available commerically. “I wanted to find a meaningful way to supplement my income, while still being available for my children’s needs, especially Adelaine's.” While the creation of Wrapt was underway, one of Adelaine's grandparents made the move to Assisted Living and Julia saw many senior citizens struggling with coats as they adapted to life in a wheelchair. It was abundantly clear there was a need for what Wrapt had to offer, and sizes were added for adults. Friends with toddlers and preschoolers encouraged her to develop a similar product for car seats and strollers, and a line of Car Seat Capes was added. Wrapt is excited to expand its lines. Products in development include a rain cape with a detachable hood, an insulated cape and a line of Luxe capes for formal occasions.

We support several small, family-owned businesses for the materials and manufacturing of our capes and promotional materials. Wrapt is based in Michigan and we are proud to offer Michigan-made products.